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5" Matching

Blue Chrys With red Pistil W/T                          Brocade

Flower Wave to Red W/T                                  Gold Light Band to White Strobe

Gold Willow to Blue W/T                                   Green Peony With Coconut Pistil

Red Chrys With Coconut W/T                           Red to Green Peony

Red to white Strobe W/T                                  Brocade

Blue Chrys with Red Pistil W/T                         Gold light Band to white Strobe

Flower Wave to Red W/T                                 Green Peony with Coconut Pistil

Gold willow to Blue W/T                                  Red to Green  Peony

Red Chry with Coconut Pistil W/T

Red to White Strobe W/T



DP22EB2F-5 "Matching" B2 Delay Chain( 3Sec/Shot,6 String Of 3), W