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DP22EB1-2.5 "Versa"
2.5" Dun Pai "Versa B1" - 24/4 Effects 96 Total
Brocade Chry with Crackle pistil
Flower wave time rain
Golden palm
Golden Strobe
Golden strobe w/ blue pistil
Gold Willow to Varigated
Golden wave w/ crackling
Green wave w/crackling
Red to brocade crown w/silver tail
Red wave w/crackling
Silver Crackling Palm
White strobe willow
White willow
White strobe
White strobe w/crackle core
Gold Willow to Silver Strobe
Green Dahlia
Red & Green Falling Leaves
Red Falling Leaves
Ring, Red to Brocade Star
Red ring to crackle pitsil
Blue Peony w/ Coco Palm Pistil
Red Peony w/ Coco Palm Pistil

DP22EB1-2.5 "Versa"